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Notes on myself being "emo."

This is a public service announcement for those who read my journal.

When I appear melancholic, or emo as some of you'd put it, there is usually a reason.  I'm a composer.  Emotive moments are actually great chances for me to become artistically productive.  In other words, as an artist, I have a right to be emotive.  And actually, think about it.  If I draw some kind of productive outcome, am I being a typical emo kid with the my-life-sucks-oh-so-much-yet-I-will-do-nothing connotation?  Especially when I'm fully capable of pulling myself out of that emo state of mind at will?  I think not.

So I hereby ask you guys.  If you're to accept me as a friend, please do me a favor and bear with my artistic facets like this -- which are indeed a crucial part of myself.

P.S. Times like this, I miss Korea and its people.  Some of you would know what I'm talking about -- the Han that conditions people to acceptance of sublimally emotive themes.  Almost no one gives the knee-jerk Stop being emo, cheer up already! reaction.  Oh well.


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