The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

For those of you without tequilaissexy on your Friends page...

( Adam Hopewell speaks on Nice Guys Finish Last. )

I just have to say: MFW.

Seriously.  Dr. William Glasser, a highly acclaimed psychiatrist, and his Reality Therapy says every relationship (and psychological) problem stems from bad choice or decision one makes.  I wouldn't be as daring as he is (he actually believes that the only kinds of mental illness are the ones that can be positively linked to some form of organic defect in one's brain), but his choice theory teaches one important lesson, which is:

Stop blaming other people, and get up onto your feet and make wise choices to fix and prevent the problem.

I've never truly believed in that Nice guys finish last-ism ever since I read his books in late 90s.

P.S. Plus, being attractive is possible even without having an asshole personality.  IIRC Adam also says something along the same line.  Paying more attention to our looks, for example.  Sounds too cheap?  Are we gonna call all those fine-looking girls we drool over cheap?  Remember, many of them do spend much of their time and effort maintaining their good looks.  Are we gonna take that effort as granted yet exempt ourselves from the same?  Exactly.


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