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You know you're working at a company full of geeks when...

You see a coworker A talk to another coworker B over the cell phone in the kitchen, you walk back to your cubicle, then on your way back you see B talk to A over the cell phone.

All in the same office, less than 100ft away from each other.


hah. my roomies and i used to communicate over aim.
while in the SAME ROOM.
story of my life here at work, my friend. everybody talks to everyone though either e-mail or yahoo messenger. i im with my supervisor the most, and she's like 6 feet away from me man.
where is that at? I need a job, and that sounds like something I would totally do :)
1) In computer science, 3 of us sitting next to each other were screwing around with each other on IRC.
Good times.

2) In about a month you'll see the same thing, but they'll be picto chatting with Nintendo DS'es XD