The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

"I have a brain tumour."

A man faced a challenge.  A deadly challenge.

The man did his best...

What I wanted to do with this column was try to prove that it was possible to survive and beat cancer and not to be crushed by it.

Even though I have to take my leave now, I feel like I managed it.

I have not been defeated.

-- Ivan Noble, The Time Has Come, the last entry on his Tumour Diary

For the past year or so since I first heard of you, Ivan, you have always been one hell of inspiration to me whenever I checked your diary from time to time.

You are a brave man.  You will be remembered.

Rest in peace, Ivan.

BBC writer Ivan Noble dies at 37

Ivan Noble, the BBC News journalist who has been writing about his treatment for a brain tumour for the past two years, has died aged 37.

Thousands of users of the BBC News website followed regular accounts of his cancer, which last year included a second period of remission.

In November, however, his tumour began to grow again and last month he was admitted to a London hospice.

Ivan died on Monday and leaves a wife and two children. (Read more...)


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