The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

In defense of pink

(Originally posted as a comment to tequilaissexy's recent LJ entry...)

Just so people don't blindly hate pink...

  • Hate clueless kids who look @$%!(*@%#(@! in pink = YES.
  • Hate pink tees = Maybe1.
  • Hate pink in general = NO.

I mean, look at those J-rock stars who look manlier than any of us while having pink highlights in their hairdo.

See, it's all about style. :D  Style overrides individual elements like colors.

Yes, blame lack of fashion sense; don't blame pink.  Pink is lovely when properly used.  And... Do you guys really have to hate PINK PONG?!?! LOLZ =3=33

1 Because I've seen a couple of people in pink tees who were nevertheless damn sexy and ladies fell for them left and right.  Yes, it was their overall style, again, that made them SHEXAY. :D

A similar comment goes to those kids who would automatically scoff at Costco brand clothing.  What if someone with an actual sense of fashion pulled an awesome style with select Costco jeans, shirts and stuff?

Unlikely to happen, eh?  Let me give a real-life example from Korea.  Fashion stylists (or coordies, as they are called in Korea) who work for K-pop/K-rock stars.  Where would they frequent the most to pick up clothes for their clients?  Some SoHo-like district with lots of random big-name brand shops?  Nope.  Many of them can be found most often at this one market called 동대문시장 (DongDaeMoon ShiJahng) -- where they can get clothes even cheaper than at Costco here in the states.

The lesson?  Get yourself a book that teaches you fashion basics, with the money you'd otherwise spend on that cool but expensive pair of jeans.  It saves you $$$ -- lots of it too -- in the long run.


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