The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Ten things

Stolen from vhg.  Some of these will apply to more than one person though, and some of you might figure out more than one of these apply to you. :D

Write ten statements intended towards ten different people, but never tell them it was about them, or would never say it to their face, or something you wish you would have said, but didn't. (These are in no particular order.)
  1. You see, shit happens, and you don't deserve to be caught in that shit like forever.  You're a cool person at heart, and it saddens me for you to be put at the center of random dramas.  Hang on tight, and be strong -- not insensitive, but strong, okay?

  2. Care and concern for people not necessarily related to you will make you even more awesome.  We all know what people with brain but without love for other people turn into...

  3. Running away from whatever problems you have is NOT the correct answer, yo.  Yeah, it stings and hurts to face and challenge them, but often it's the only way to be completely free from them.

  4. Damn, we really should talk more, even if it's just over the phone!  Long-distance relationship might not work out, but long-distance friendship surely works out, and we both know it's a good starting point. :D  Oh, and say hi to dalho for me!

  5. Sometimes I feel so fortunate to have people around me at about my own age...  Even though I'm from a different country with different culture, I still can click with you, and feel at home, just being with/around you.  Thanks for being a wonderful and cozy friend! *hugs*

  6. You're so Korean.  In a cool way too.  I'm proud of you.  No, really. :D  I'm proud of my Korean heritage, and it feels so rewarding to find out that you also recognize that coolness of being Korean. :D

  7. It's largely impossible to partition people around you into a couple of convenient categories; you'll always find people that belong to more than one of whatever categories you set up, and you'll find a whole lot of them too.  So you see, drop that friend-or-foe mentality -- stop classifying people into stereotypes that you created.  It's a shame.

  8. Hey, loosen up!  I can be dense at times too, but damn, you make me look like a hella laid back guy! :D

  9. Even though you're smart, there's still a reason for you to be prudent and modest.  Why?  You're young, and you're inexperienced.  Don't want to sound so condescending, but it shows through.  Whatever rational and logical power you possess is still just a tool.  The ability to view the same matter from different angles is as important as, if not more important than, rationality -- and that ability comes only from experience.  Be receptive, and don't be so quick to judge others.  After all, all of them provide you with vital cues for understanding this very world we live in, because they are part of the world, just as you are.

  10. I love you, in a non-homoerotic way! :D


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