The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Daily meme

Stolen from sekiria21...

Valentines Day Horrors! by deuceloosely
Seen with suspicious-looking blonde woman:azhp
Went back into the closet:iguanagrrl
Sends you a singing Ape-o-Gram:klonoapowah
Brings one of your exes to the party:supadupapan
Came dressed for a "Slumber Party:"blacklab1113
Chokes on a candy heart reading, "Be mine:"status
"...but I'm not bitter."captaincanada
Proposes marriage to you in drunken stupor:vt127
The "wallflower" who somehow manages to score:chicanery
Total valentines you'll receive:66
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Let's see...

  • Is that Luna Lovegood, azhp? :o

  • Either supadupapan or I am homosexual...

  • Oh shit, status chokes -- we'd better back up our journals now! LOL



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