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Okay okay, I'll bite...

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?



What, I didn't smash him when I rolled around?
"I think I just found the Korean Micheal Jackson."


*holds Sean out from a balcony on 4th floor*

Wow he looks so cute asleep

"Oh God, it's Vegas all over again."

Now, am I saying that in horror...or happiness? =O

OMG ♡!

"..you smell like cigarettes. (assumption, since all Koreans smoke, apparently) But it makes you hotter."
"Okay guys, the roofie worked! He's asleep! Raid the fridge!"
"Time to admit I have a drinking problem, I guess."
Depends on the bed. If it was some bed besides my own, I'd be thrilled at the knowledge that I've finally mastered dream travel... and horrified at the potential consequences...

If it were my bed, umm... I think I'd go back to sleep and wait for my wife to quit looking like an Asian guy... and remind myself to throw away my allergy medicine.
haha gtfo
Just how many jello shots did we have last night?
"...Dude, that's so not right."