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Windows on my desktop right now...

  • 2x Windows Command Processor (cmd.exe)
    One running just cmd.exe itself and the other running a Cygwin BASH in it.

  • 5x PuTTY
    ... No comment.

  • 1x Network Connections
    For fast switchover between VPNs.

  • 1x Windows Explorer
    With bunch of technical PDF files (C++, POSIX, Intel hardware specs...) in it.

  • 1x Adobe Reader
    No comment.

  • 4x SmartWindow
    Control client program for SPIRENT SmartBits network testing equipment.

  • 1x Intel IXA SDK 4.1 Developer Workbench
    The IDE for IXP24xx/28xx microcode programming.

  • 1x Calculator
    For calculating GigE bandwidth usage figures.

  • 2x Gaim
    A buddy list and an away window with DND - work.

  • 1x Firefox
    For typing this.

Estimated geek level: .8421e2%


All that just to play Dungeons and Dragons? :P